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Bracket Bits: The value of road wins

Dave2015When the Selection Committee gathers in two months to select and seed teams for the 2020 NCAA tournament, road wins (and overall road performance) often serve as a separating factor when comparing Team Sheets.  Who did you beat?  And where did you beat them?

That’s not to suggest that home wins aren’t important or that the Committee ignores losses (home or road – or in high numbers), rather, it’s a reminder that true road wins are a bit like gold: hard to find but of great value.

With that caveat in place – and conference play now in full swing – we note a few of Tuesday’s victorious road warriors: Baylor (at Texas Tech), Kentucky (at Georgia), Villanova (at Creighton), Houston (at Temple), Providence (at Marquette) and Florida (at South Carolina).  If we ranked those, it might look like this: Villanova, Baylor, Kentucky, Providence, Houston, and Florida.

Additional Bracket Bits …

  • Utah State lost its third straight game and second to a Quad 3 team (Air Force).  The Aggies’ profile is sliding in the wrong direction.
  • Aforementioned Providence is starting to play like the team we expected in November. The Friars are 3-0 in Big East play but have to overcome a significantly poor non-conference profile that includes losses to Charleston, Penn, Long Beach State and Northwestern.
  • Iowa has lost two straight after falling at Nebraska.  In this year’s Big Ten, if there are road games to take advantage of, it’s probably trips through Lincoln and Evanston.  A missed opportunity and a likely Q3 loss for the Hawkeyes.
  • Rutgers moved to 3-1 in the Big Ten with a home win over Penn State.  The Scarlet Knights’ are definitely in the NCAA mix; it’s been a while since we could say that.
  • Virginia is an enigma.  In the span of a few days, the Cavaliers trounced Virginia Tech at home and then lost to Boston College on the road.  Despite its previous AP ranking and name-power, UVA has a very bubbly profile at the moment.
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