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Bracketology: Kansas vaults to No. 1 overall seed

January 10, 2020 Leave a comment

Dave2015Anchored by its pole position on the NCAA’s NET ratings and its No. 1 overall schedule – the Kansas Jayhawks have passed Gonzaga on the Seed List to lead the latest Field of 68.  It was a strong week for KU, backed by a home victory over West Virginia.


The middle of the bracket remains a mixed bag of profiles without much distinction among seed lines; that is common in early January.  One other quick note: the strength of the Big Ten brings with it added bids today.  The question becomes, how many of those teams ultimately survive the next two months?

Looking ahead, we could end up with another large group of bubble teams – even moving into late February.  There are a lot of similar profiles on the current at-large board and unless some of those teams separate, conference tournaments could end up as  elimination games.