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Bracketology: Diving into the Bubble

Dave2015It’s been an interesting week for Bubble teams.  Texas Tech, Virginia and Mississippi State posted key wins.  Many others lost; some to good opponents and others to not-so-strong opponents.  Amid the chaos, a deep dive was required, with more than twenty team resumes parceled apart, trying to separate nuances. The result?


About what you would expect – a quagmire of mediocrity with some good, some bad, and a whole lot of average.  Ten people, such as the Selection Committee, could view the same material and develop different responses as to how teams might be placed on the Seed List.  Not so sure about today’s outcome?  Wait until Monday.

It was a particularly rough week for Stanford, which lost at California on Sunday and at home last night to Oregon State.  Those results leave the Cardinal without a Quad 1 win and two Quad 3 losses.  And with just three Quad 2 wins (only one of which is in today’s bracket) Stanford’s light resume became even lighter.  Every year we have a team whose NET rating doesn’t seem to match its profile.  For now, Stanford fits that bill.

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