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Bracketology: Bubble extends deep into today’s bracket

Dave2015Think of this is a quick State of the Bracket address:

Based upon the stature of resumes under consideration, the current Bubble extends deep into today’s bracket.  It’s worth noting because the comparative margin between today’s final seven seed and today’s final at-large team is much less than it might appear within the confines of the bracket or on the corresponding seed list.  There simply isn’t much difference between an eight and 10 seed; or between a 10 seed and the First Four.


We can apply the same vernacular to those who reside just outside the Field.

With that context in place, it’s worth mentioning these reminders:

  • Teams can be passed on the Seed List even while winning.  Xavier’s recent win at Seton Hall is a perfect example.  It helps differentiate a profile from a dozen others that look very similar.
  • There are times a team my rise (or fall) based upon results around them.  Individual teams do not play in a vacuum.
  • The Selection Committee views a team’s profile in its entirety; in other words, when wins and/or losses occur isn’t as relevant as it might seem.  Example: Michigan’s neutral-court victory over Gonzaga counts the same today as in November.
  • Historically, the most losses we’ve seen for an at-large team is 15.  And it’s extremely rare for teams to receive at-large bids when their overall record isn’t at least four games above .500.  Something to keep in mind, especially with losses mounting for several teams in the Big 10.  Last year’s Indiana team finished 17-15 (heading into Selection Sunday) with six Quad 1 wins and 9 Quad 1/2 wins and was one of the teams to just miss – largely because of a 3-9 road record and 4-10 record away from home overall. Editor’s note: I originally noted the Hoosier’s record at 19-16 because it included the postseason NIT games. I apologize for the confusion.



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