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Bracketology: Are the No. 1 seeds locked up?

Dave2015We’re about to enter the final two weeks of the regular season, and we’ve had the same No. 1 seed line for more than a month.  Which begs the question: Are the No. 1 seeds locked up?


We can’t go that far – yet.  But we may not be far off, either.  Baylor and Kansas play again Saturday in Waco.  At least for now, the outcome affects the Big 12 title chase more than it does the top line of the bracket.  Gonzaga plays at BYU, but would a single loss at a tough venue drop the one-loss Zags?  Probably not, although it could open the door for San Diego State to claim the West Region.  As for the Aztecs, they will be heavily favored in every remaining regular season game.  Without a surprise, they will enter the Mountain West tournament with a perfect record.  That’s an incredible accomplishment.

If Maryland were to close strong and claim both the regular season and Big Ten conference tournament titles, the Terrapins could make the Committee’s work a little more challenging.  We’ll see about the ACC contenders, but high-level wins are limited.  Same for Dayton, which has limited opportunities to boost its profile other than running the table in the Atlantic 10.  We can’t eliminate the top three Big East contenders, either, but someone is going to have to finish with a flurry.

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