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Bracket Bits: Making sense of Pac-12 resumes

Dave2015It’s a difficult question to answer: What to make of Pac-12 resumes?

The Selection Committee’s NET ratings like at least two teams – USC (15) and Colorado (19) – although neither was mentioned during Saturday’s initial Top 16 seed list reveal on CBS.  Let’s take a quick peek at why that might be the case:

USC – The Trojans are 17-3 after Saturday’s win at Washington State, with a 3-1 mark vs. Quadrant 1 teams and a 6-3 record against Q’s 1-2 combined.  But if you look inside those columns, USC’s best NET win is against BYU on December 1. Of its other Quad 1-2 wins, only Stanford (a likely bubble team) and UCLA are currently NCAA tournament contenders.  That’s not to say the Trojans are not a quality team that could advance in March, rather, it showcases that as a whole, the Pac 12 doesn’t carry the same weight in the Committee room. Case in point: the Pac-12 ranks 6th as a conference in the NET ratings, just behind the Big East and just ahead of the American.

Colorado – The Buffalo’s biggest issue has been consistency.  When good, the Buffs are good.  But this is also a team that has now lost at California (on Saturday night) and Washington, the two lowest rated NET teams within the Pac-12.  Cal carries a NET rating of 166 this morning and Washington 202.   So while a 7-3 mark vs. Quadrants 1-2 looks good on the surface, there is more to the story.  Winning at USC is by far the Buffalo’s keynote win to date.  They have also beaten Stanford twice and Oregon (both P12 bubble teams).  Overall, though, it’s tough to climb the seed list when your season too often mimics a yo-yo.

Among other NCAA contenders from the Pac-12, this morning’s NET ratings look like this: Oregon (48), UCLA (49) and Stanford (60). Stanford has by far the league’s best non-conference win (Alabama) but also lost to Indiana and North Carolina.  The Pac-12 may end up with five teams in the tournament, but seeding will be a challenge.  Regardless of how you feel about the NET ratings, the dominance of the Big 10 and Big 12 within that metric will make it tough for the league to earn a protected seed.

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