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Bracketology: Battles for West, Midwest Regions

Dave2015Looking forward, expect some battles for the West and Midwest Regions.  Just take a look at where we stand today.  Arizona is inches ahead of Gonzaga on the Seed List for top billing out West.  UCLA would love that position, too, and let’s not brush aside USC.  Kansas would love top billing in the Midwest.  So would Purdue or Michigan State, or even a surprising group from Iowa State.  We could even see some jockeying for the South Region if Baylor stumbles a couple of times.  The only apparent certainty today is that Duke figures to be No. 1 in the East.  Not only are the Blue Devils pretty good, they could – and should – run through the Atlantic Coast Conference without many hiccups.

Seed List

Prepare yourself for another weak bubble. We already have quite a few mundane profiles.

It’s also worth noting that several power conference teams need to boost their resumes soon.  It’s been a scattered month with COVID pauses, postponements and cancellations.  And while that may continue in the short term, ultimately the Committee will judge teams based on their submitted team sheets.

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