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QT: What we learned from the Committee

QuickTakesThe 2022 Men’s NCAA Selection Committee revealed its initial Top 16 seeds last Saturday. In terms of teams selected, there were really no surprises – although we were all curious to find out how this year’s committee would manage Houston’s NET (and metrics) vs. its actual results, especially given how the make-up of the team has changed due to unfortunate injuries.

Here are my Quick Take thoughts …

  • We learned again that head-to-head results only become a significant factor if two teams are vying for one spot/position on the seed list.
  • We learned (again) there are consistent inconsistencies with how various aspects of the selection and seeding process are implemented.  Teams like Kansas and Baylor were more closely associated with results and quality wins.  Arizona and Gonzaga were more closely associated with analytical performance.  And a balance is always required because scheduled are uneven.
  • This year’s committee valued a team’s NET rating at the very top of the bracket.  That was evident by the Top 16 teams.
  • Strength of schedule is an undetermined factor that seems to vary based upon a team’s high-end wins and metrics.  We didn’t gain any clear picture as to how it might factor into seeding and/or selections. Traditionally, it has been a bigger factor for teams along the cutline.

We are set-up for another exciting three-week race toward Selection Sunday.  Enjoy your college hoops!

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