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QT: Making sense of Colorado and Temple

November 19, 2022 Leave a comment

QuickTakesColorado and Temple present two of the more interesting early resumes.  How might the Selection Committee view such variants in performance?  Traditionally, notable victories, especially on the road or on neutral courts, weigh more heavily than outlying losses.  But there are limits to those losses, as Dayton proved last year with its Quad 4 performances.

Colorado – Through five games, the Buffalos own a road win at Tennessee and a rather dominate neutral-court victory over Texas AM.  Those same Buffs lost at Grambling State (likely to end up in Quad 4) and to Massachusetts in the same event as Texas AM.  Quick takes:

  • Plus: Tennessee should end up as a Quad 1 victory on the team sheet.
  • Questions: Texas AM entered the Myrtle Beach invite ranked; the Aggies will undoubtedly leave unranked with a lot of concerns.  We don’t know much about the Minutemen.  They fell at home to Towson before edging the Buffalos and Murray State.
  • Minus: Loss to Grambling State will linger – even with the reminder that road games (anywhere) are never easy.
  • Takeaway: Definition of an early bubble resume.

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