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Bracketology: Houston joins No. 1 seed line

January 9, 2023 Leave a comment

home-tournament-64-thumb.jpgWe’ve seen our share of chaos in college hoops recently, surprising losses and unexpected blowouts among the results. We’ve also seen some unexpected surges, from teams such as Providence, Kansas State and Iowa State.  Some normalcy remains as Kansas strengthened its hold on the No. 1 overall seed position with a dominating victory at West Virginia over the weekend.


Purdue sits one spot behind the Jayhawks, followed by Houston and Connecticut.  The Huskies are back following Arizona’s loss at home to Washington State.  If Houston dominates the American Athletic Conference as expected, it could be hard to knock the Cougars from their current perch.  The question might be whether they can surpass Kansas or Purdue for a preferred spot in either the Midwest or South region.

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