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QT: UK does a U-Turn; Saturday takeaways

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QuickTakesWe’ll start with a quick reminder: the NCAA Selection Committee evaluates teams, not conferences.  Understandably, fans (and media) enjoy conversations about how many teams from Conference A will make it, or how many from Conference B should earn a bid.  While such discussions are fun, the reality is, conference affiliation only applies to the mandatory automatic qualifier (AQ) in each league.  Is conference strength a factor?  Sure, because NET ratings within conference groupings can help or hinder a team’s overall profile.  Just know that all Quad 1 or Quad 2 wins are not created equal.  Example: a road win against a team rated No. 120 in the NET counts as a Quad 2 victory, although that team would most likely not be an at-large candidate.

The next reminder: regardless of NET rating, teams still have to win games.  Simply losing to quality opponents is not a path toward at-large selection, nor should it be.  Thus, teams such as West Virginia, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech need victories.  Fortunately for them, the Big 12 offers daily opportunities. Read more…

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