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QT: Tough days for ASU, Pittsburgh, UCF

January 22, 2023 Leave a comment

QuickTakesIt been a tough few days for Arizona State.  With a golden chance to enhance their resume, the Sun Devils lost back-to-back home games against UCLA (Thursday) and USC (Saturday).  Those results leave ASU’s resume replete of a signature win.  Its best are arguably Michigan, at Oregon and at Colorado; none of which are currently projected to make the NCAA tournament.  Further, ASU won’t get another bite at the proverbial NCAA-level apple until its final three games, all on the road: Arizona, UCLA, USC.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh opened a three-game home stand with a loss to Florida State, which could well end up in the Quad 4 column.  The next two homies suddenly feel more significant: Wake Forest and Miami.

Then there is Central Florida (UCF).  The Golden Knights’ absorbed a ding at South Florida.  They get Houston at home this week with a chance to erase the stench of back-to-back losses to Tulane and aforementioned USF.  The opportunity for an at-large bid could well hang in the balance.   Read more…