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Bracketology: Let the Bubble race begin

home-tournament-64-thumb.jpgAs the NCAA Men’s Basketball Selection Committee convenes today to begin its selection and seeding process, a host of bubble teams begin fighting for a few remaining spots in the bracket.  It’s a potentially big day for early participants in the ACC, Big 10, Big 12 and Pac 12.  To view the latest, visit Bracket Games.


This morning, three teams from the Big Ten are scheduled to arrive in Dayton.  While this would not be ideal for the Committee (as it would require two Big10 teams to play head-to-head) it is possible and within the bracketing rules.  The Committee would not (at least in theory) adjust the seed list for the sole purpose of accommodating the removal of three teams from one league in the First Four.  The good news: the current status is unlikely to remain in place and could look different tomorrow morning.

Alabama, Kansas and Houston should be locked into No. 1 seeds.  The final order may not be finalized.  It’s Purdue and UCLA with dibs on the final No. 1 slot.  Purdue remains in place today, but a slip by the Boilermakers would open the door for the Bruins.

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