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Bracketology: The Results

March 13, 2023 Leave a comment

home-tournament-64-thumb.jpgNow that we have an actual 2023 NCAA tournament bracket, what were the results of the final projection here at Bracketville?  Let’s take a peek …
2023 Bracket Projection Results:

  • Correctly selected 67 of 68 teams (35 of 36 at-large)
  • Missed Nevada (I had Rutgers in the First Four)
  • Correctly placed 50 teams on the exact seed line
  • Correctly placed another 16 teams within one seed line
  • Only team off more than one line was Texas AM (I had them as a 5, Committee a 7)
  • Paymon score: 367

Overall, a solid year.  There are always a few Committee surprises and a few odd seed decisions.  Regardless, we’re set for another great March Madness.  In closing, thank you for you continued interest, support and interaction.  You continue to make the process and long hours fun and engaging.

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