16-bracketNeed to know if there are any potentially important games coming up? This is where you find the details. Our goal is to provide a daily and weekly update on which games do – or may – hold importance – during the NCAA season.

Below is a look at some of the key matchups that may impact a team’s NCAA resume.



Thursday, March 5

  • Wisconsin at Minnesota
  • Memphis at Connecticut
  • VCU at Davidson
  • California at Arizona
  • Stanford at Arizona State
  • MVC – Missouri State vs. Southern Illinois
  • MVC – Drake vs. Bradley

Friday, March 6

  • Yale at Harvard
  • MVC – Illinois State vs. Evansville
  • MVC – Indiana State vs. Loyola-IL
  • MVC – Wichita State vs. TBA
  • MVC – Northern Iowa vs. TBA

Saturday, March 7

  • Syracuse at NC State
  • Illinois at Purdue
  • Butler at Providence
  • Virginia at Louisville
  • Miami-FL at Virginia Tech
  • Pittsburgh at Florida State
  • Northwestern at Iowa
  • Michigan State at Indiana
  • Oklahoma State at West Virginia
  • Connecticut at Temple
  • St. John’s at Villanova
  • Alabama at Texas AM
  • LSU at Arkansas
  • St. Joseph’s at Rhode Island
  • Xavier at Creighton
  • Kansas at Oklahoma
  • Kansas State at Texas
  • Dayton at La Salle
  • Stanford at Arizona
  • Western Kentucky at Old Dominion
  • Davidson at Duquesne
  • Duke at North Carolina
  • Vanderbilt at Ole Miss

Sunday, March 8

  • Memphis at Cincinnati
  • Tulsa at SMU
  • Wisconsin at Ohio State
  • Maryland at Nebraska








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