Seed List

Below are two tables that display the current Seed List (at the time of publication) – a tool used for my bracket projects and by the actual Selection Committee to seed teams into the bracket.

A couple of things to note:

Teams in BOLD represent the automatic bid based on league results at the time of publication.  Update: With Championship Week here, bold will be reserved for automatic qualifiers.

The Seed List is not a poll.  It is a ranking of teams based on the overall field at the time of publication.  Whether it’s NET, KenPom or some other metric, a variety of factors go into the Seed List at any given point in time.  The Seed List reflects the 68-team field – and  the Top 100 teams (at the time).

Updated: March 12, 2020  (7:30 a.m. ET)

To make it easier to follow, I didn’t use an actual “S” shape on the table; rather the highest seed on each line is to the left.

March 12  |  1-68
1. Kansas 2. Gonzaga 3. Baylor 4. Dayton
5. San Diego St 6. Florida State 7. Villanova 8. Creighton
9. Kentucky 10. Duke 11. Michigan State 12. Seton Hall
13. Maryland 14. Oregon 15. Louisville 16. Wisconsin
17. Ohio State 18. Auburn 19. Butler 20. BYU
21. Iowa 22. Penn State 23. Virginia 24. West Virginia
25. Illinois 26. Michigan 27. Providence 28. Arizona
29. Saint Mary’s 30. USC 31. LSU 32. Colorado
33. Houston 34. Arizona State 35. Oklahoma 36. Indiana
37. Rutgers 38. Marquette 39. Florida 40. Utah State
41. UCLA 42. Texas Tech 43. NC State 44. E. Tenn St
45. Texas 46. Xavier 47. Cincinnati 48. S.F. Austin
49. Liberty 50. Akron
51. Yale 52. Vermont 53. New Mexico St 54. North Texas
55. Bradley 56. Hofstra 57. Belmont 58. Little Rock
59. No Dakota St 60. UC-Irvine 61. E. Washington 62. No Kentucky
63. Winthrop 64. Boston Univ 65. Siena 66. PV-AM
67. Robert Morris 68. NC Central

This is where the FIRST OUT at-large teams begin. As a reminder … automatic qualifiers have to be ranked within the Field of 68.

SEED LIST  | 69 – 80
69. Richmond 70. Wichita State 71. Stanford 72. Northern Iowa
73. Mississippi St 74. Memphis 75. Saint Louis 76. Arkansas
77. Rhode Island 78. South Carolina 79. Oklahoma St 80. Tulsa


  1. Joe Bailey
    February 26, 2020 at 1:56 pm

    How do you figure Maryland-Creighton -Nova -Seton Hall- ahead of Kentucky?
    I would like to hear your reasoning. Your site is the best, therefore I am very interested in your logic. Thank you very kindly.

    • Dave Ommen
      February 27, 2020 at 6:24 am

      Joe … it’s largely based on better overall profiles due to number of quality wins, SOS, etc. The SEC isn’t really helping UK that much.
      Maryland: 7-5 vs. Q1; 13-5 vs. Quads 1/2; 10 wins against teams “In the Field”; SOS 45, NC SOS 58
      Villanova: 8-6 v.s Q1; 15-5 vs. Quads 1/2; 7 wins against teams “In the Field”; SOS 4; NC SOS 36
      Creighton: 9-6 vs. Q!; 14-6 vs. Quads 1/2; 10 wins against teams “In the Field”; SOS 14; NC SOS 115
      Seton Hall: 10-5 vs. Q1; 15-7 vs. Quads 1/2; 7 wins against teams “In the Field”; SOS 21; NC SOS 61
      Kentucky: 6-3 vs. Q1; 11-4 vs. Quads 1/2; 5 wins against teams “In the Field”; SOS 94; NC SOS 155.
      Plus, Kentucky has the loss to Evansville (NET 250-ish) which is far worse than any losses of the above three. Creighton and Villanova haven’t lost to anyone outside Quad 1 and Nova’s worst loss is upper tier Quad 1.
      This isn’t everything, but it’s a quick overview.

  2. Henry J Muto
    February 26, 2020 at 5:35 pm

    People seem to reference KenPom a lot but never Sagarin when talking about other metrics than the NET.

    Kentucky is 6th in Sagarin and Duke is 19th

    • Dave Ommen
      February 27, 2020 at 6:32 am

      How individual Committee members choose to use additional metrics (beyond the NET) is be up that individual. Some may value one over the other. FWIW, the SOR (Strength of Record) rating (which is more results based rather than predictive) is also on the Team Sheets. UK was 11th in the SOR before Wednesday’s results. Ultimately, I think fans love to talk about KenPom, etc. because they hear a lot about it; but even KenPom has said his analytics are for predictive purposes and do not measure the same criteria as the Committee. Kentucky’s biggest challenge to climbing (above the 3 line, let’s say) is that team’s like Maryland, Villanova, Seton Hall and Creighton all have more quality and NCAA level wins – and will be able to keep building on those because of the strength of the Big Ten and Big East. Can UK reach the 2-line, yes. But with three weeks left, they may need a little help to get there.

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