Seed List

Below are two tables that display the current Seed List (at the time of publication) – a tool used for my bracket projects and by the actual Selection Committee to seed teams into the bracket.

2018-19 Note:  Seed List will be updated with the 2018-19 preseason bracket projection – and will be at least 100 teams deep to start the season.  A timeline will be announced soon.

A couple of things to note:

Teams listed in BOLD are those noted as the projected automatic conference qualifier, per how the bracket is put together.

The Seed List is not a poll.  It is a ranking of teams based on the overall field at the time of publication.  Whether it’s RPI, KenPom or some other metric, a variety of factors go into the Seed List at any given point in time.  The Seed List reflects the 68-team field – and  the Top 100 teams (at the time)

Updated: March 11, 2018  |  4:50 p.m. ET

To make it easier to follow, I didn’t use an actual “S” shape on the table; rather the highest seed on each line is to the left.

MARCH 11 | 1-68
1. Virginia 2. Villanova 3. Kansas 4. Xavier
5. North Carolina 6. Duke 7. Purdue 8. Cincinnati
9. Tennessee 10. Michigan State 11. Michigan 12. West Virginia
13. Auburn 14. Arizona 15. Texas Tech 16. Kentucky
17. Gonzaga 18. Wichita State 19. Clemson 20. Houston
21. Ohio State 22. Florida 23. Arkansas 24. Miami-FL
25. Texas AM 26. TCU 27. Rhode Island 28. Seton Hall
29. Nevada 30. Providence 31. Missouri 32. Virginia Tech
33. NC State 34. Kansas State 35. Alabama 36. Florida State
37. Butler 38. Creighton 39. St. Bonaventure 40. UCLA
41. Texas 42. Oklahoma 43. Arizona State 44. Loyola-CHI
45. USC 46. New Mexico St 47. Davidson 48. San Diego St
49. Murray State 50. So Dakota St
51. Buffalo 52. Charleston 53. NC-Greensboro 54. Marshall
55. Bucknell 56. Montana 57. S.F. Austin 58. Wright State
59. Lipscomb 60. Iona 61. Pennsylvania 62. Georgia State
63. UMBC 64. Radford 65. CS-Fullerton 66. LIU-Brooklyn
67. NC-Central 68. Tx-Southern

This is where the FIRST OUT at-large teams begin. While Louisville (in this case) isn’t rated lower than Texas-Southern (per this update) automatic qualifiers have to be ranked within the Field of 68.


SEED LIST  | 69 – 80
69. Saint Mary’s 70. Louisville 71. Marquette 72. Mid Tennessee
73. Oklahoma State 74. Syracuse 75. Notre Dame 76. Baylor
77. Nebraska 78. Washington 79. Penn State 80. Utah

Thanks for following along. Anticipating another fun season of college hoops.

  1. Henry Muto
    January 27, 2018 at 11:09 am

    Ohio State is all over the map with most people. Joe at ESPN had them as a 2 seed before the Penn State loss, you had them as a 4 and others had them as a 6 and even seen a 7 seed before that game. I am looking forward to Feb 11 and seeing what the committee does with teams like Ohio State and Cincinnati. Are they really focusing on the new “group” wins or are they looking at the actual teams they beat. Cincy for example has a nice lot of group 1 wins but who have they really beaten ? Anyone that would be at large quality ? Ohio State only has 1 “group 1” win but a ton of group 2 wins and the Big 10 schedule has been setup perfect for them to win a lot of games until that heart breaker vs Penn State. Was really hoping for both Ohio State and Purdue to be unbeaten when they met.

    I think you have Cincy too high just based on the actual teams they beat. Group 1 wins include Buffalo, UCLA, Temple and UCF. In the old format only 2 of those wins would been group 1 and looking at your board Cincy has only 1 win vs at large quality teams (SMU and they are a bubble team).

  2. February 4, 2018 at 8:50 pm

    But unlike those around them UC hasn’t lost to anyone they shouldn’t have

  3. j
    February 6, 2018 at 4:17 pm

    Indiana Hoosiers not in top 92? They are 80 on ken pom.

    • Dave Ommen
      February 6, 2018 at 6:28 pm

      First, thanks for your interest. Keep in mind, the Seed List isn’t a “ranking” in the sense of the AP/Coaches Poll nor a metric such as KenPom, Sagarin, BPI, ELO or others. It’s a list of teams based on overall resume at the time posted for potential at-large selection. Could Indiana end up on the final list? Sure. But right now, they remain several spots below the most current No. 92 team (down to about 100 teams at this point). IU is 13-12, is 2-7 in road games, has an RPI above 100, is 0-8 vs. Quadrant 1 teams, has beaten no current at-large teams in the field, and has two losses to both Quadrant 3 and Quadrant 4 opponents.

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