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Bracket Report: Kansas, Kentucky move up

March 12, 2022 Leave a comment

home-tournament-64-thumb.jpgOne more day.  That’s all that stands between us and Selection Sunday.  What a ride it’s been.  And we’re not done.  We could still lose three more at-large positions with Virginia Tech, Texas AM and a potential bid thief in the Atlantic 10 still in play.

Seed List

Kansas and Kentucky now control their paths to the No. 1 seed line.  With Baylor losing and Kansas advancing, the Jayhawks have likely garnered another top seed.  If Kentucky wins the SEC tournament, the final spot should belong to the Wildcats.  They may earn it either way – provided they beat Tennessee today in the SEC semifinals.  Baylor remains a strong option should UK slip. Read more…

Bracketology: Race for No. 1 seeds

February 11, 2022 Leave a comment

Dave2015With a month until Selection Sunday, the race for at least two spots on the No. 1 seed line is heating up. This morning, Gonzaga is the best bet to retain its position come Selection Sunday and could well end up as the No. 1 overall seed again.  Auburn remains solid, despite an overtime loss at Arkansas.  The final two spots are fully in play – with Kentucky and Kansas occupying those positions today – following Purdue’s rather deflating trip to Ann Arbor.  The margins among those three is small, so until someone grabs the bull by the horns, so to speak, we could see a revolving door.

Seed List

Over the next two weeks, we’ll find out more – including what the actual Selection Committee thinks when they reveal their initial Top 16 seeds (by Region).  By the end of the month, the top line contenders may solidify.  We’ll see.  Arizona is next in line behind Purdue to return to a top-line position.  Stay tuned.

SL: Duke’s loss to UVA dampens No. 1 seed hopes

February 8, 2022 Leave a comment

SeedListGraphicCould a last-second, three-point dagger from Virginia’s Reece Beekman really end Duke’s hopes of a No. 1 seed in March?  The answer is potentially, yes.  It’s too early to write off the Blue Devils.  First, college basketball is nothing if not unpredictable.  Predetermining outcomes a month from Selection Sunday seems a bit fruitless.  It was only yesterday that we wrote how Kentucky and Duke could both have inside tracks to the top line due to favorable schedules.  That thought lasted a day.

Seed List

The real obstacle for Duke now is that the Blue Devils may no longer control their own destiny with respect to a top seed.  Their remaining schedule features Wake Forest, North Carolina, Florida State and Virginia as its best benefits.  Losing to Virginia also drops Duke behind several other top-line contenders whom either have better metrics, better opportunities for NET-building victories, or both.

Kansas also lost Monday, falling in a close game at Texas.  The beneficiary this morning is Kentucky, which slides into the No. 4 position on the Seed List and would be the final No. 1 seed heading into action tonight.  Now that we’ve hit the stretch run, watch for more frequent Seed List updates – even if a write up may not always ensue.

Bracketology: Stretch run for No. 1 seeds

February 4, 2022 Leave a comment

Dave2015As we head into the first weekend of February, Auburn and Gonzaga are the strongest bets to retain No. 1 seed status a month from now.  That leaves two positions open for the stretch run.  This morning, those spots are occupied by Baylor and Kansas.  While possible, it’s unlikely both ultimately end up on the top line together.

Seed List

Who are the other contenders?  Let’s take a quick peek (in no particular order):

Purdue – The Boilermakers own favorable metrics and performance numbers, and are the loss at Rutgers away from being on the No. 1 line today.  The Big Ten also allows for plenty of Quad 1/2 opportunities between now and Selection Sunday. Read more…

Bracketology: Kansas grabs No. 1 seed in Midwest

January 28, 2022 Leave a comment

Dave2015Heading into a busy weekend on the hardwood, Kansas grabs the final No. 1 seed in today’s bracket update.  The Jayhawks have won five straight, including an overtime thriller against Texas Tech on Monday.  A door opened when Arizona lost at UCLA.  Both the Bruins and Wildcats follow KU as the top two-seeds.  Next up for Kansas?  Kentucky arrives at Allen Fieldhouse on Saturday night.

Seed List

This morning’s Seed List is quite volatile once you reach No. 25.  Avoid placing too much stock in the exact order; margins are very thin and could rapidly maneuver come Monday morning.  With February upon us, a number of teams in the ACC and SEC, in particular, have work to do. Read more…