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QT: UK does a U-Turn; Saturday takeaways

January 15, 2023 Leave a comment

QuickTakesWe’ll start with a quick reminder: the NCAA Selection Committee evaluates teams, not conferences.  Understandably, fans (and media) enjoy conversations about how many teams from Conference A will make it, or how many from Conference B should earn a bid.  While such discussions are fun, the reality is, conference affiliation only applies to the mandatory automatic qualifier (AQ) in each league.  Is conference strength a factor?  Sure, because NET ratings within conference groupings can help or hinder a team’s overall profile.  Just know that all Quad 1 or Quad 2 wins are not created equal.  Example: a road win against a team rated No. 120 in the NET counts as a Quad 2 victory, although that team would most likely not be an at-large candidate.

The next reminder: regardless of NET rating, teams still have to win games.  Simply losing to quality opponents is not a path toward at-large selection, nor should it be.  Thus, teams such as West Virginia, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech need victories.  Fortunately for them, the Big 12 offers daily opportunities. Read more…

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QT: Auburn’s resume and Creighton’s woes

December 11, 2022 Leave a comment

QuickTakesThe Auburn Tigers arrived in Atlanta with a No. 11 Associated Press ranking and a nifty 8-0 record.  Those same Tigers were handled rather tamely by another set of Tigers from Memphis.  Perhaps it shouldn’t have been a surprise.

While unbeaten, Auburn’s best wins entering the Holiday Hoopsgiving event were Northwestern (one point) and Saint Louis (five points).   Early NET ratings suggested it was Bradley, although it seems unlikely the Braves will retain their current status.  That isn’t to knock Northwestern or Saint Louis – which beat Memphis at home in November (but also lost by 22 at Iona) – rather, it’s to emphasize that narrowly beating such teams might suggest a tad bit of inflation related to the Tigers’ ranking.

Let’s not overreact to any single outcome, nor determine a teams ultimate destiny in early December.  Let’s also not be stubborn and continue to evaluate teams based upon preseason expectations.  Auburn might well prove to be a Top 25 team.  For now, the Tigers’ resume suggests otherwise. Read more…

Quick Takes: Baylor back at it again

November 22, 2017 Leave a comment

Dave2015One of these preseasons, I’ll learn.  Maybe.  Despite losses and questions, the Baylor Bears will make a favorable early impression and climb the Seed List.  Count on it.  I just need to leave my notes where I can find them next October.  Exhibit A: This year’s den of bear cubs, which started at No. 28 (final 7 seed) on our preseason list, vaulted up to No. 20 this morning (update not posted; Thanksgiving edition planned) after a rather fine trip to Kansas City.  The Bears head back to Waco with wins over Wisconsin and Creighton. Pretty good stuff, I’d say.  Next up? A couple of teams you may have heard of – Xavier and Wichita State.  If Baylor ends up 7-0 after those two (adding in the wins they just garnered), the Bears will have one of the best early resumes in the country.   Even a 1-1 finish puts them in great standing as December arrives.

Other Quick Takes of mention for today: Read more…

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Quick Takes: Keep an eye on Texas AM

November 11, 2017 Leave a comment

Dave2015As this is our first in-season Quick Takes, let me offer a brief reminder: one game does not a season nor a resume make.  Nonetheless, Texas AM put together an impressive debut Friday night.  The Aggies beat a good West Virginia team at Ramstein Air Base in Germany without Robert Williams (one of their best players) and point guard J.J. Caldwell.  Did I mention they were also down 13 points early?  The takeaway?  When fully assembled, Texas AM appears more than capable of challenging Kentucky and Florida for top billing in the SEC.

A few other Quick Takes from opening night: Read more…

Bracket Bits: Takeaways from Harvard, Georgia, and Missouri

November 17, 2014 Leave a comment

dave1We generally don’t learn a lot during the first weekend of college hoops.  And we certainly don’t want to over-emphasize one or two games.  But here are a few quick takeaways from the opening weekend …

Harvard – With a one-point loss to Holy Cross now on its resume, three non-conference games take on additional meaning: Massachusetts (Nov. 29), at Virginia (Dec. 21) and at Arizona State (Dec. 28).  Win the Ivy League, as projected, and the above games will only affect seeding.  Fall short of an automatic bid, and results of these games could very well determine whether Harvard goes Dancing as an at-large team.

Georgia – While an opening defeat at Georgia Tech wasn’t ideal, it’s too early to consider it a “bad” loss – for two reasons: 1) we don’t know how Ga. Tech’s season will play out; 2) it was a road loss to an ACC team.  Credit Mark Fox for scheduling a true road game out of the gate; not many coaches or teams would do that.  With upcoming non-conference games against Gonzaga (Nov. 26), Colorado (Dec. 7), Seton Hall (Dec. 21), and Kansas State (Dec. 31), Georgia has plenty of chances to build an at-large resume before SEC play begins. Read more…

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