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Bracketology: Positioning Day

March 12, 2021 Leave a comment

Dave2015Saturday is known as Moving Day at The Masters.  Friday of Championship Week is much the same for college hoops – we’ll call it Positioning Day.  From the Big Ten to the SEC to the Big 12 and Pac-12, today will help decipher how a few key junction points might unfold – such as the final two seed and top three seed; or the narrow bridge between being a five or six seed on Sunday evening.

Seed List

It’s also a Positioning Day along the cutline.  Ole Miss faces LSU in the final SEC quarterfinal game tonight.  We also have a showdown between Colorado State and Utah State in the Mountain West; with Nevada trying to play its way into the MWC title game.  The American Conference quarterfinals feature three additional bubble teams: Wichita State, Memphis and SMU.  If all survive, Saturday’s semifinals may well determine whom joins Houston in the Field of 68.  At least one bid thief will be viable from the Big East this weekend, with Georgetown and Seton Hall playing for a right engage in the tournament championship.

Saturday is also a Scrub the Seed List day – as more teams complete their profiles.  The underlying unknown in all of this remains the potential impact of COVID testing.  It’s been a rough week for the ACC tournament; we’ll see if those developments ultimately impact the bracket.

Bracketology: Illinois joins No. 1 seeds

March 3, 2021 Leave a comment

Dave2015Fresh off an impressive victory in Ann Arbor, Illinois retains its position as a No. 1 seed in today’s bracket update.  The Illini now own nine Quadrant 1 wins and have a chance at Ohio State this weekend to solidify a spot on the top line heading into the Big Ten tournament next week in Indianapolis.  No changes elsewhere: Gonzaga, Baylor and Michigan lead Regions 1-3.

Seed List

Bubble teams continue to ebb and flow, which is nothing new.  The latest Bubble Talk outlines 30 teams with “Work to Do” between now and Selection Sunday. with a projected 16 spots available.  With conference tournament play underway or starting soon, bubble teams will be hoping several leagues stick somewhat to script.

Bracketology: Michigan State back in the Field

February 27, 2021 Leave a comment

Dave2015An important reminder when it comes to evaluating resumes: While the dates of games are noted on NCAA team sheets, the Selection Committee has more than once emphasized that a team’s full body of work is evaluated without undo respect to the timing of its wins and losses.  Agree or disagree, a victory in February is worth the same as one as in December, and vice-versa.  Information is presented in such a way that unless you specifically look for the date of a contest, it blends into the background.

Seed List

Why issue such a reminder?  Because it’s easy to get caught up in streaks or how a team played at a given point in time – past or present – and form an opinion about how far said team must climb or fall related to that particular position. Read more…

Bracketology: Ohio State moves to top line

February 6, 2021 Leave a comment

Dave2015With its nation-leading eight Quadrant 1 wins, including four in the upper tier of that grouping, Ohio State moves to the top line in this morning’s bracket update.  Within the rugged Big Ten, the Buckeyes own road wins at Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.  The other three teams on the No. 1 seed line remain in place – Gonzaga, Baylor and Michigan.  Alabama is now next in line.

Seed List

The bubble extends into the nine-seed line, and there are an array of questionable profiles.  The variations between them are minimal and it depends on how you dice them apart.  Enjoy a busy Saturday of college hoops and the Super Bowl.

Bracketology: Top line stays steady

January 30, 2021 Leave a comment

Dave2015As February approaches, Gonzaga and Baylor remain atop the bracket, and it will take more than one loss from either to change that.  Heading into a busy weekend, the rest of the top line stays steady, with Michigan and Villanova holding the final No. 1 seeds.  Houston keeps winning and a continued dominant run through the American Athletic Conference would keep the Cougars in the conversation for a one-seed.

Seed List

With the exception of aforementioned Michigan (thus far), the Big Ten continues its internal assault on each other, with Illinois taking down Iowa on Friday night.  The league currently has six teams on the top six seed lines, with four stashed along lines 3-4 and five among the top 15 teams on the Seed List.

Although Virginia’s resume certainly has some question marks, the Cavaliers grab the final No. 2 seed this morning, based on its overall record, metrics and status as ACC leader.  They could be re-passed by numerous Big Ten contenders if some separation develops.  Enjoy a busy weekend.  More frequent updates ahead.

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