Team Capsules

Team Capsules: Key wins and losses are important considerations in NCAA selection and seeding. Teams listed here are those we expect to be in the hunt for at-large NCAA consideration. As the season progresses, teams may be added or removed. Teams from traditional one-bid leagues may be included if they become realistic at-large candidates.

KEY: @=road win/loss | n=neutral court win/loss | team=home win/loss.

Update: Saturday, November 28  |  9:30 a.m. (ET)

Atlantic 10
Davidson | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: TBA
Dayton | Key Wins: Alabama, n-Iowa, n-Monmouth | Key Losses: TBA
George Washington | Key Wins: Virginia, n-Tennessee | Key Losses: TBA
Richmond | Key Wins: @Wake Forest, n-California | Key Losses: James Madison, n-West Virginia
Rhode Island | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: Valparaiso, n-Maryland
St. Joseph’s | Key Wins: n-Old Dominion | Key Losses: n-Florida
VCU | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: n-Duke, n-Wisconsin
Cincinnati | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: TBA
Connecticut | Key Wins: n-Michigan | Key Losses: n-Syracuse, n-Gonzaga
Houston | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: TBA
Memphis | Key Wins: n-Ohio State | Key Losses: Oklahoma, UT-Arlington
Temple | Key Wins: n-Minnesota | Key Losses: n-North Carolina, n-Butler, n-Utah
Tulsa | Key Wins: Wichita State | Key Losses: n-South Carolina
Duke | Key Wins: n-VCU, n-Georgetown | Key Losses: n-Kentucky
Florida State | Key Wins: n-DePaul | Key Losses: n-Hofstra
Louisville | Key Wins: No Florida | Key Losses: TBA
Miami | Key Wins: n-Utah, n-Butler | Key Losses: Northeastern
North Carolina | Key Wins: n-Temple, n-Northwestern, n-Kansas State | Key Losses: @No Iowa
NC State | Key Wins: n-LSU | Key Losses: William-Mary, n-Arizona State
Notre Dame | Key Wins: n-Iowa | Key Losses: n-Monmouth
Syracuse | Key Wins: n-Connecticut, n-Texas AM | Key Losses: TBA
Virginia | Key Wins: n-Long Beach St | Key Losses: @Geo Washington
Wake Forest | Key Wins: n-Indiana, n-UCLA | Key Losses: Richmond, n-Vanderbilt
Big 12
Baylor | Key Wins: S.F. Austin | Key Losses: @Oregon
Iowa State | Key Wins: n-Colorado, Chattanooga | Key Losses: TBA
Kansas | Key Wins: n-UCLA, n-Vanderbilt | Key Losses: n-Michigan State
Oklahoma | Key Wins: @Memphis | Key Losses: TBA
Oklahoma State | Key Wins: n-Long Beach St | Key Losses: n-Geo Mason
Texas | Key Wins: n-Washington | Key Losses: n-Washington, n-Texas AM, n-Michigan
West Virginia | Key Wins: n-Richmond, n-San Diego St | Key Losses: TBA
Big East
Butler | Key Wins: n-Temple | Key Losses: n-Miami 
Georgetown | Key Wins: n-Wisconsin | Key Losses: Radford, @Maryland, n-Duke
Marquette | Key Wins: n-LSU, n-Arizona State | Key Losses: Belmont, Iowa
Providence | Key Wins: Illinois, n-Evansville, n-Arizona | Key Losses: TBA
Villanova | Key Wins: Nebraska, Akron | Key Losses: TBA
Xavier | Key Wins: @Michigan, n-USC | Key Losses: TBA
Big Ten
Illinois | Key Wins: n-UAB | Key Losses: n-North Florida, @Providence, n-Chattanooga
Indiana | Key Wins: Creighton | Key Losses: n-Wake Forest, n-UNLV
Iowa | Key Wins: @Marquette | Key Losses: n-Dayton, n-Notre Dame
Maryland | Key Wins: Georgetown, n-Rhode Island | Key Losses: TBA
Michigan | Key Wins: n-Texas | Key Losses: Xavier, n-Connecticut
Michigan State | Key Wins: n-Kansas, n-Boise State | Key Losses: TBA
Northwestern | Key Wins: n-Missouri | Key Losses: n-North Carolina
Ohio State | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: UT-Arlington, La Tech, n-Memphis
Purdue | Key Wins: n-Old Dominion, n-Florida | Key Losses: TBA
Wisconsin | Key Wins: n-VCU | Key Losses: Western Illinois, n-Georgetown
Northeastern | Key Wins: @Miami-FL | Key Losses: @Miami-OH
William & Mary | Key Wins: @NC State | Key Losses: @Dayton
Conference USA
Old Dominion | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: n-Purdue, n-St. Joseph’s
UAB | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: @Auburn, n-Illinois
UTEP | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: TBA
Valparaiso | Key Wins: Iona, @Rhode Island, @Oregon State | Key Losses: @Oregon
Monmouth | Key Wins: @UCLA, n-Notre Dame | Key Losses: @USC, n-Dayton
Missouri Valley
Evansville | Key Wins: Belmont | Key Losses: TBA
Illinois State | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: @San Diego State, So Dakota St, n-Maryland, n-TCU
Northern Iowa | Key Wins: S.F. Austin, No Carolina | Key Losses: Colorado State
Wichita State | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: @Tulsa, n-USC
Akron | Key Wins: @Arkansas | Key Losses: @Villanova, @Green Bay
Central Michigan | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: n-Weber State, n-Western Kentucky, n-Milwaukee
Mountain West
Boise State | Key Wins: n-UC Irvine | Key Losses: @Montana, @Arizona, n-Michigan State
Colorado State | Key Wins: @Northern Iowa, Oakland | Key Losses: TBA
Fresno State | Key Wins: Pepperdine | Key Losses: TBA
San Diego State | Key Wins: n-California | Key Losses: @Utah, Arkansas LR, n-West Virginia
UNLV | Key Wins: n-Indiana | Key Losses: n-UCLA
Ohio Valley
Belmont | Key Wins: @Marquette | Key Losses: @Arizona State
Arizona | Key Wins: Boise State | Key Losses: n-Providence
Arizona State | Key Wins: Belmont, n-NC State | Key Losses: Sacramento State, n-Marquette
California | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: n-San Diego State, n-Richmond
Colorado | Key Wins: @Auburn | Key Losses: n-Iowa State
Oregon | Key Wins: Baylor, Valparaiso | Key Losses: TBA
Oregon State | Key Wins: Iona | Key Losses: Valparaiso
UCLA | Key Wins: n-UNLV | Key Losses: Monmouth, n-Kansas, n-Wake Forest
USC | Key Wins: New Mexico, n-Wichita State | Key Losses: n-Xavier
Utah | Key Wins: San Diego State, n-Texas Tech, n-Temple | Key Losses: n-Miami
Washington | Key Wins: n-Texas | Key Losses: n-Gonzaga, n-Texas
Auburn | Key Wins: UAB | Key Losses: Colorado
Georgia | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: Chattanooga
Florida | Key Wins: n-St. Joseph’s | Key Losses: n-Purdue
Kentucky | Key Wins: n-Duke | Key Losses: TBA
LSU | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: n-Marquette, n-NC State
Mississippi | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: n-George Mason, n-Seton Hall
South Carolina | Key Wins: n-Tulsa | Key Losses: TBA
Texas AM  | Key Wins: n-Texas, n-Gonzaga | Key Losses: n-Syracuse
Vanderbilt  | Key Wins: n-Wake Forest | Key Losses: n-Kansas
Chattanooga | Key Wins: @Georgia, n-Illinois | Key Losses: @Iowa State
West Coast
BYU | Key Wins: TBA | Key Losses: @Long Beach St
Gonzaga | Key Wins: n-Washington, n-Connecticut | Key Losses: n-Texas AM

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