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Bracketology – 2009 Results

Thanks again to everyone who stopped in and participated in BRACKETVille’s first year online. It was great fun. Here is a quick recap of my performance compared to the actual NCAA bracket …

  • Correctly identified 33 of 34 at-large teams (I don’t count correct predictions of automatic bids). I missed Arizona in favor of Penn State based on several factors, one being that PSU won two meaningful road games (@Michigan State, @Illinois) and Arizona was 2-9 in true road games (@Oregon, @Oregon State).
  • I had 34 teams on the correct seed line.
  • I had another 21 within one seed of actual. That’s a total of 55 teams either on or within one of their actual seed. Those missing by more than one seed line: VCU (13 vs. 11), Boston College (10 vs. 7), Utah (7 vs. 5), Clemson (5 vs. 7), Cleveland State (11 vs. 13), Cornell (16 vs. 14), Xavier (6 vs. 4), Mississippi State (11 vs. 13), East Tennessee State (14. 16).
  • Correctly identified all three top seed lines. I flipped UNC and Pittsburgh in the East vs. South.

I’ll provide some thoughts about the matchups and offer some picks for the actual bracket soon. I’ll also do some blogging updates during the tournament. During the “off-season” I hope to make some upgrades and expand the blog.

If you have suggestions, please send a rebound. – Dave

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