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Quick Takes: Michigan could use a U-turn

February 5, 2020 Leave a comment

Dave2015Beyond Ohio State being a rival, losing at home to the Buckeyes leaves Michigan in need of a U-turn. Now at 13-9, having lost 5 of 7 games, the Wolverines a flirting with what we like to call the bubble.

The good and bad news for Michigan is oddly the same.  Big Ten competition provides high-level win opportunities almost every night; it also puts teams at risk of losing those tightly contested games.  And that’s why Michigan could use the U-turn.

Here’s what’s ahead:
An angry Michigan State team, fresh off a home loss to Penn State, arrives in Ann Arbor this weekend. After that, five of the Wolverines final eight games are on the road, where UM is 1-5 this season (true road games).  February is going to be an important month for Big Blue. Read more…